DYMAX Corporation
May 2004
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Booth No. 265

A new selector guide from the DYMAX Corporation features a range of high-performance adhesives for a variety of challenging motor and speaker applications. More than a dozen photos illustrate typical applications and product uses. Graphs and charts show the very fast cures that are available with this adhesive technology and the benefits of high-speed automated production.

Several cure methods, which allow instant processing, are explained. Diagrams show the application and cure of both light and activator curing grades. Charts show cure speed at temperature for induction and heat-curing adhesives.

A special section on d.c. motor assembly describes where and how adhesives are used for flange bonding, commutator to shaft assembly, tab sealing, ruggedizing armatures, and magnet bonding. Physical properties such as viscosity, tensile shear strength, and fixture time are included in the selector charts. Also featured are products for bonding chokes, ferrite cores, and transformers. Diagrams illustrating interfacial bonding of gaped and ungapped cores are shown along with bridge bonded joints with no gap, and bridge bonding simply to reinforce spring clips.

For more information, contact DYMAX Corporation, 51 Greenwoods Road, Torrington, CT, U.S. 06790, Tel: +860/482-1010 or +877/DYMAX-UV (877/396-2988); Fax: +860/496-0608; E-mail: info@dymax.com; Web site: www.dymax.com/products/motor/dc_motor.asp.

DYMAX Corporation

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