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May 2004
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Liquid Level Switch
Booth No. 268

Madison Company’s M8790 side-mounted liquid level switch is ideal for appliance applications that require reliability and durability, even with rigorous use. Suggested uses for this all-polypropylene switch include lower-temperature (to 105°C) food processing applications and general-purpose applications in commercial or consumer appliances and equipment. UL, CSA, CE, and NSF approved, the M8790 is available in white and other colors to aid in line identification.

Madison’s engineering department recently worked with Appliance Scientific, Inc. of Dallas, TX, U.S. to design a level switch for its residential dishwasher/kitchen sanitizer. Appliance Scientific needed a uniquely designed level switch that had high reliability and resistance to various water conditions while withstanding higher temperatures. This switch also had to meet industry standards for sanitary cleaning cycles. Madison’s design staff determined that a modified M8790 switch would meet the company’s needs.

Madison Company designs and produces a complete line of liquid level switches and level sensors for major industries worldwide. The company’s standard line of level sensors comprises single and multipoint sensors that can operate at up to 500 PSI and 300°C. Madison also offers temperature sensors, including fully sealed thermocouples, platinum thin-film RTDs, and bimetal creep-action sensors that sense from -40°C to 240°C. These temperature sensors can be incorporated into level sensors for combination sensing and cost savings. The company has experience in providing high reliability, quick responsiveness, and ongoing support from design through production and beyond. Madison also offers specialty switches, proximity sensors, flow sensors, relays, and controllers. Design assistance is available. Madison is ISO 9001 certified.

For more information, contact Madison Company, 27 Business Park Drive, Branford, CT, U.S. 06405; Tel: +800/466-5383; Fax: +203/481-5036; E-mail:; Web site:

Madison Company

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