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May 2004
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Crossflow Blower
Booth No. 273

Fergas is extending its range of crossflow blowers to include a 45-mm diam unit to complement the 30- and 60-mm diam product line.
The 45-mm diam blower is available in lengths from 120- to 360-mm impeller length with a wide range of different a.c. shaded-pole motor options to suit customer requirements. Similar to the Fergas NCB60 range and the Compact, we are also able to offer the 45-mm unit complete with a heating element as an option for our electric heating customers.

Fergas AB has been in the air-moving field for 55 years and our knowledgeable sales and engineering team are ready to offer solutions to your air-moving issues.

Fergas AB Linköping, Sweden is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of radial blower wheels, tangential crossflow blowers, and AirBlaster fan units. Together with our manufacturing partners in the U.S. and China, we strive to serve a global customer base. For more information, please view our web site at www.fergas.com or contact us via e-mail to riwa@fergas.com; Tel: + 46 13 356100; Fax: +46 13 356105.

Fergas AB

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