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May 2004
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Polyurethane Foams
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St. Louis, MO, U.S.-based, Foam Supplies, Inc. (FSI) has recently been granted a patent on an innovative family of polyurethane foams named ecomate®. Delivering the world more ecologically friendly foams is not new to FSI. The company was the first to develop and patent HCFC-22 blown foams, and now with ecomate, the world has the first non-GWP, non-ODP, thermally efficient, rigid foam alternative, suitable for most applications.

Although revolutionary, ecomate is not new and has been delivered to the appliance marketplace since 2001, with initial development beginning soon after the issue of the Montreal Protocol. What is new are the results of several recent field trials showing thermal efficiencies equal to comparable foams blown with HFC-245fa. An obvious advantage to our customers is that they realize great cost savings by using ecomate without paying a premium to attain better thermal efficiencies.

Keys to ecomate’s remarkably superior thermal efficiency numbers can be traced to the solubility as well as the surrounding chemistry associated with the ecomate foams. ecomate’s inability to come out of solution allows for a more consistent and micro-sized cell structure, which translates into a more universal density distribution within free-rise as well as foamed parts.

ecomate foam systems have run through equipment successfully for 3 to 4 years, with no abnormal maintenance, which can become very costly. All of FSI’s ecomate systems can be processed through high- or low-pressure equipment and are deliverable in drums, totes, pressurized cylinders, or bulk.

All ecomate systems are non-ODP and non-GWP; therefore, they are not affected by restrictions of either the Montreal or Kyoto Protocols. ecomate is the solution to these regulations; not only in the U.S., but also worldwide. In addition, ecomate systems are EPA-SNAP approved as replacements for both CFCs and HCFCs.

Foam Supplies, Inc.

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