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May 2004
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Air-Moving Products
Booth No. 251

Superior aerodynamics, engineering, and intelligence: A perfect blend for the world’s leading supplier of air movers. ebm-papst’s unique product range has made it the world market leader in motors and fans. Throughout the world, its staff develops, produces, and distributes motors and fans with dedication, striving to achieve optimum solutions for applications in many different industries.

ebm-papst offers the popular EC-SystemsTM and ESM (energy-saving motors). There are substantial energy-saving potentials of up to 60 percent for cooling cabinets by using ebm-papst’s EC energy-saving motors. EC fans include advanced controlling features and motor protection built right into the fan; there is no need to provide extra space in your applications for these electronics.

ebm-papst combustion blowers are the only choice for optimizing your residential or commercial gas-fired heating systems. ebm-papst offers the largest selection of gas blowers available, including modulating premix gas blowers for condensing boilers, water heaters, or power burners and high-temperature gas blowers for power-vented, non-condensing boilers, furnaces, or gas water heaters.

For maximum airflow at low flow rates with minimal mounting depth, ebm-papst’s variety of crossflow blowers can’t be beat. Crossflow blower applications include stove jacket cooling, storage heaters, overhead projectors, solarium, air-conditioning, and heating units.

ebm-papst hot-air blowers excel at optimal air volumes as well as long service life for ovens, climate cabinets, food and plate warmers, and medical equipment. For freezers, coolers/chillers, compressors and condensers, its frost-free motors and impellers are the perfect answers for efficiency and reliability.

For more information, visit www.ebmpapst.us, e-mail to sales@us.ebmpapst.com, or call +860/674-1515.

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