A. O. Smith Electric Motors
May 2004
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Wherever there is a need for electric motors, A. O. Smith is ready to meet that demand with innovative products, quality, exemplary service, and quick response time.

Since 1874, A. O. Smith Corporation has been helping to build the industrial base of the world. Electric motors have been manufactured for more than 50 years with outstanding solutions to the toughest OEM applications.

If an appliance maker’s need is refrigeration, furnaces, air-conditioners, or air-moving devices, A. O. Smith has a broad line of C-frame, NEMA 42-, 48- and 56-frame motors in a variety of mechanical and electrical configurations. A. O. Smith also enjoys its reputation for unparalleled expertise in the manufacture of pump motors for domestic water systems, pools, spas, and jetted tubs. In addition, the power behind many garage doors may very well likely be an A. O. Smith motor. The company also manufactures motors for hobby compressor and treadmill applications.

For hermetic compressor motors, A. O. Smith may be looked upon as the leading independent supplier to the industry, offering a broad range from 4.8 to 15 in diam or 1 to 400 hp.

Strategically placed plants around the world serve the electric motor marketplace and position A. O. Smith as a global supplier.

As a leading supplier to the appliance industry, A. O. Smith is continuously striving to develop the most efficient and advanced motor technologies. In fact, A. O. Smith recently unveiled two of its newest product innovations for the refrigeration market. The company has developed two unique brushless d.c. motors for the appliance industry that consume less than half the energy of conventional C-frame subfractional horsepower motors. The new designs may replace current C-frame models of evaporator motors and condenser motors in frost-free refrigerators, and will help appliance makers reach the new energy efficiency standard recently established by the U. S. government. The new motors also make it easier for appliance makers to achieve and display the popular Energy Star® rating for high efficiency.

For more information, please contact A. O. Smith, 531 N. Fourth St., Tipp City, OH, U.S. 45371; Tel: +937/667-2431; Fax: +937/667-5030.

A. O. Smith Electric Motors

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