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May 2004
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Level, Flow, and Proximity Sensors
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Syntex is a specialized supplier of level, flow, and proximity sensors serving the consumer, commercial, and industrial appliance OEMs worldwide. The company is based in Taiwan and has manufacturing facilities both in Taiwan and China. In addition to the company’s standard, off-the-shelf products, it can also custom tailor or manufacture a product to meet specific requirements.

Level Sensors. These are available in two types of housing materials: plastics and stainless steel. Plastic level sensors are low-cost components suitable for high-volume consumer appliances, while stainless steel types are designed for such demanding applications as high temperatures and corrosive materials.

Flow Sensors. The company’s flow sensors operate with high reliability and sensitivity as the sensing mechanisms are made simple, but effective, by means of reed switches. Enclosed in a rugged copper or stainless steel housing, they provide stable performance even in the toughest industrial environments.

Proximity Sensors. These are widely used in security systems, household appliances, and industrial machinery for position or proximity sensing. Various forms, shapes, and materials are available to suit different application needs.

Whether you need a level, flow, or proximity sensor for an existing or new application, Syntex is committed to providing you with a dedicated solution that will save costs and add extra values to end products.

For more information, contact Syntex, Tel: +886-3-450 7066; Fax: +886-3-450 7089; E-mail:; Web site:

Syntex Tech Corp.

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