American Nickeloid Company
May 2004
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American Nickeloid Metals give designers and manufacturers the ability to design, plan, and create accurate prototypes and manufacture in a timely, cost-efficient way. American Nickeloid Metals are available in a wide variety of beautiful, functional, durable finishes on strong, flexible base metals, so they can be bent, cut, formed, and fabricated to create finished products without the environmental concerns and costs associated with in-house plating or manufacturing processes.

Metallic surfaces include chrome, nickel, brass, and copper, which are available in a variety of durable, attractive finishes. The base metals most often used are steel, copper, brass, and aluminum, depending on application, strength, and ductility requirements.

American Nickeloid Company is also the manufacturer of Laminol®, a film-to-metal laminate available in an almost limitless variety of colors and textures.

Many Nickeloid Metals® —particularly plated and solid brass and copper surfaces—are protected by Bakekote®, a baked synthetic resin applied and heat cured to offer protection against oxidation, humidity, and abrasion. For further protection during handling and fabrication, Mar-Not®, a protective film coating, is available on Nickeloid Metals® that can be removed for a beautiful finish.

Nickeloid Metals are available in sheets, coils, strips, and blanks, per specific customer needs. R&D and production facilities are located at Peru, IL, U.S. and Walnutport, PA, U.S. with sales offices throughout the U.S.

For more information, contact American Nickeloid Company, 2900 West Main St., Peru, IL, U.S. 61354; Tel: +800/645-5643; Fax: +815/223-5344.

American Nickeloid Company

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