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May 2004
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Reach for Invensys™

Invensys Appliance Controls is a global leader in control systems manufacturing. We are known not only for the way we build our products, but also for the way we work closely and loyally with customers to help build their business. With strong businesses and manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia, Invensys understands local needs.

Invensys offers:

Cooking Systems—Gas cooktop controls • High-voltage systems for gas ignition, with and without flame sensing • Timed cook with automatic shut-off • Electric cooktop controls • Energy regulators and electronic controls • Heater and control system optimization • Oven controls • Temperature controls angas system (automatic ignition) • Mechanical and electronic oven controls

Clothes Washing and Drying—Machine controls (electromechanical and electronic) • High and low current switching • Integration of all machine logic into microprocessor or plastic cam • User interfaces (simple knobs through various displays and key entry systems) • Development tools to accelerate OEM cycle and algorithm development • Electronic humidity sensor • Water management • Water valves • Water management systems • Regional expertise in water quality management • Water/detergent dispensing systems • Drive systems • Motor speed controls • Pressure switches

Refrigeration—Refrigerant systems • Controls for variable speed compressors • Refrigerant valves • Air management systems; Temperature control systems (electromechanical and electronic) • Ice maker systems • Water flow devices • Making and dispensing ice. Defrost systems (electromechanical and electronic)

Dishwashers—Machine controls (electromechanical and electronic) • Water management • Pressure switches • Diverter valves • Water valves

Specialty/Other—Controls for spas, hot tubs and related commercial applications

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Invensys Appliance Controls

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