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May 2004
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Tapes and Labels
Booth No. 262

From doors to drawers to labels to cables—tesa has “a hold” on the appliance industry. The tesa product assortment includes full line of TPP (tensilized polypropylene) tapes specifically developed for securing components during appliance production, assembly, and shipping processes. More specifically, tesa tapes are used in a variety of temporary holding applications, including securing doors, drawers, racks, ice trays, stove burners, and cords, just to name a few.

The company’s latest innovation, tesa 53000 PV1, is part of a new generation of tesa TPP tapes designed specifically for adherence to low-energy surfaces, such as powder-coated metal used in appliance production. Unique by design, tesa 53000 PV1 combines aggressive holding power (the highest adhesion level of TPP tapes on the market) with clean removal characteristics—a powerful combination for objects that must be secured temporarily. The tape’s unique adhesive system is also ideal for adhering to metal and plastic surfaces, as well as many others. The revolutionary backing of tesa 53000 PV1 offers unmatched flexibility and conformability to virtually every shape or contour.

Another tesa late-breaking innovation, tesa 4576, offers securing power of a different kind. Coined as a “vent tape,” tesa 4576 is designed to serve as a filter for securing insulation in refrigeration units as it is being applied (blown in). The permeable tissue backing of this tape allows only air to escape, while keeping foam or insulating material in tact. tesa 4576 is both temperature- and age-resistant, ensuring longevity throughout the life of the appliance.

Additionally, tesa offers a host of labeling options that take the metal out of marking. Custom, laser-engravable tapes, tesa 6930 and tesa 6931, are available for virtually every identification code, including manufacturer name, serial and model numbers, date, model specifications, and more. All tesa laserable labels are completely resistant to humidity, solvents, and cleaning fluids. What’s more, tesa 6930 has earned both UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approvals. Additionally, all tesa tapes for labeling are completely “tamper evident,” meaning that they self-destruct if tampering occurs.

For more information, call +800/426-2181, e-mail to customercare@tesatape.com, or visit www.tesatape.com.

tesa tape, inc.

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