Vornado Air Softenerâ„¢ Air Quality Enhancer
April 2004
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The Vornado Air Softenerâ„¢ is designed to quietly humidify, filter, and circulate air throughout an entire room, providing a tranquil relaxed environment. Vornado says the it helps the user feel refreshed as it improves overall comfort, improves sleep and breathing, and moisturizes dry skin, lips, noses, and throats.

the unit is designed for easy use. The company says its Advanced Water Distribution System gives you the longest lasting disposable filters. Hassle-free maintenance is said to be provided by a clean-running design. The unit has rugged easy-fill bottles. A four-gallon capacity is designed for uninterrupted 24-hour operation. A visible Water Level indicates when filling is needed.

User Personal Comfort Levels are maintained by moisture control and three fan speeds.

The unit has a suggested retail price of U.S. $100.

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