Patent-Packed Deep Fryer
April 2004
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Fritel introduced five new deep fryers models at HomeTech fair. Four of the fryers are based on two patented systems, namely the Turbo SF® System and the ACC® System, which are exclusive to the Belgian company.

As with all of Fritel’s deep fryers, the new models use the company’s Turbo SF (safe frying) technology, which is based on a unique placement of the heating element. This gives the appliance several advantages, according to Fritel, including faster cooking by up to 50 percent, reduced splashing, and a special portion to melt solid fat. The faster frying process is also said to reduce fat absorption. A "Cool Zone" within the unit is said to keep oil from burning and leaving residue on food.

The company’s lasted technology is its ACC (automatic condensation collector) System. The system includes an automatic condensation collector that accumulates all of the condensed water from the frying process as soon as the lid is opened. "A condensation collector is not new, but an automatic collector is," Cindy van Ratingen, vice president, tells APPLIANCE. "Now, whenever the lid is opened, condensation will automatically fall into the collector."

According to Ms. van Ratingen, the collector’s capacity can hold condensation for up to 30 frying cycles. The collector may be cleaned by simply wiping it out, or it can be dismantled along with the filter lid and cleaned in the dishwasher.

The new models utilizing two technologies—the Turbo SF 4210, 4260, 4245, and 4275—come with a stainless steel rectangular bowl or the company’s patented octagonal bowl, depending on the model. Pictured is a prototype of the Turbo SF 4210. The new fryers will be available this fall.

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