High-Tech Water Dispensers
April 2004
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Latina Appliances S/A of São Carlos, Brazil showcased its latest hot and cold water cooler, the BR HC. “This water cooler was designed around needs of Brazil’s high-end market,” Mauricio Finotti, Latina’s chief of Engineering and New Product Development, tells APPLIANCE. The appliance features two thermostats—one for hot water (85ºC) and an adjustable thermostat for cold water settings ranging from 2ºC to 15ºC. A specially designed rubber seal keeps dust out of the system.

According to Mr. Finotti, the unit consumes 15.9 kWh of energy per month and features a high-efficiency compressor designed by Tecumseh and a customized high-efficient heating element by Zoppas Industries in São Paulo, Brazil. The unit is currently available as either a tabletop unit or with a stand.


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