“Roomy” Microwave
April 2004
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Filling up one of the largest stands at HomeTech, Haier Europe Trading Srl (Varese, Italy) introduced several new products, including its microwave ovens with stable plate technology. The technology eliminates the turntable plate, reportedly giving users 25 to 30 percent more room. Replacing the turntable is a rectangular plate made of glass ceramic, which is embedded in the base of the microwave.

According to Sandro Lovati, product manager, the cavity structure was specially designed to evenly distribute heat, and a fan placed in the back of the microwave homogeneously radiates the heat in the compartment. The microwaves also include semi-electronic controls and a variety of cooking functions.

Three microwaves feature the new technology, including a 24-L, 21-L (pictured), and a soon-to-be-introduced 17-L model.


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