Nitrogen-Enriched Refrigerators
April 2004
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Taiwan-based Sampo showcased refrigerators featuring its nitrogen-enrichment technology, which is said to keep foods fresher for a longer period of time. Lin, Jin-Dih, Sampo’s manager of Potential Product Investigation Department, says that while using nitrogen air to keep food fresh is nothing new, applying it to refrigerators is an industry first.

Sampo’s nitrogen-enrichment technology comprises two main features—a specially designed membrane that separates the oxygen from the nitrogen and a vacuum pump that pumps out the oxygen. “With these two components, we can get more of a concentration of nitrogen within the refrigerator,” Mr. Jin-Dih tells APPLIANCE. After air enters the front of the refrigerator, it circulates around the interior to the membrane, which takes out 32-percent of the oxygen. A fan then circulates the nitrogen-enriched air throughout the appliance, while the oxygen is pumped out of the appliance.

Sampo will start producing the nitrogen-enriched refrigerators by the end of 2004. Models that will feature the technology include Sampo’s 720-L side-by-side refrigerators (models SRE-S720G and SRE-S720NF), its 620-L top-mount refrigerator (SRE-620), and its 620-L three-door model (SRE-620V0).

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