Shaded Pole Motor - SD series (3.3-in, 4-Pole)
February 2004
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The SD series is CCL's first 4-pole designed shaded pole. Customers would find the merits of SD series motor in terms of life, audible noise level, and vibration level. Its diameter is 82 mm, and length can be ranged from 68.2 to 131.2 mm, with weights varying from 790 to 2,200 g. It permits the operating temperature from -5ºC to 40ºC, and insulation resistance is 1 Mohm at 500 V d.c. The rotational speed is 1,600 rpm under the condition of 60 Hz, while the speed is 1,300 rpm under the condition of 50 Hz, with respective power consumption ranging from 2.5 to 75 W. It is designed for various applications like pumps, exhaust fans, oven fans, etc.

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