Ultrasonic Distance Sensors
February 2004
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The company has introduced a new line of miniature analog output ultrasonic sensors for non-contact distance and level monitoring. The sensors are available in either a tubular enclosure measuring M12 x 1 x 70 mm or in rectangular housings with exterior dimensions of 15 x 20 x 49 mm. According to the company, the sensors' Teach-in capability allows the user to select both limits of the sensing range and the slope of the analog output, which eliminates the need for direct access to the sensor housing. The output function is said to be invertible, which allows the user to select a rising or falling output slope as appropriate for the specific application. The company also says that the sensors' set-up configuration is saved on an internal EEPROM, which guarantees operation if power is removed from the sensor. The miniature ultrasonic sensors feature a 20- to 200-mm sensing range and a narrow sonic beam angle of 6 degrees, reportedly making them ideal for sensing objects through tight openings such as bottlenecks, test tubes, or ampoules.

Baumer Electric

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