Flow Control/Pressure and Air Switches
February 2004
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The company's pressure and vacuum switches are available in four basic models from 1 to 25 A with horsepower ratings to 1 hp at 120 V a.c. and 2 hp at 240 V a.c. The sensitive differential switch can perform flow control, pressure, vacuum, or differential switching. Gold-plated contacts are available. Diaphragms are available in various materials such as nitrile, silicon, neoprene, and EPDM and cover a pressure range from 0.25 in of water to 150 psi. Most models are UL and CSA approved. The plastic materials (noryl or acetal) used are resistant to a variety of chemicals, according to the company. The company also says its controls can be installed quickly, with no plugs, sockets, or cable ends required.


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