Thermistor Temperature Sensor
February 2004
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The company's ATP Sens-A-Coil features a patent-pending design for monitoring the refrigerant temperature in condenser and evaporator coils. The sensor integrates a fast-response thermistor element into a plastic overmolded copper clip specially designed to snap onto 3/8-in return bends. Because the sensor is housed in a small bulb, which is attached to the copper clips, the sensor maximizes sensing surface area, enabling the sensing element to quickly react to any changes in the refrigerant temperature. Because no tools are needed to install the sensor, both time and money can be saved in production and field service environments, according to the company. The sensor is also said to be well suited for use in HVAC diagnostic equipment and tools. It comes standard with 10 ft of AWG #22 PVC jacketed cable.

Advanced Thermal Products

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