Motor Control
February 2004
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The company's SmartFan Nimbus is a compact, digital fan and motor control designed for the HVAC, electronics, and industrial controls markets. Nimbus was recently selected as the winner of the 2003 AHR Expo Innovation Award for Ventilation. Nimbus can automatically control most single-phase a.c fans and motors used in applications such as humidity control, clean room pressurization, equipment cooling, ceiling fans, exhaust ventilators, pumps, duct fans, and blowers. Nimbus regulates motor speed from a 0-20 mA-control signal, 0-10 V d.c.control signal, humidity sensor, pressure transducer, flow transducer, or up to three remote temperature sensors. Automatic voltage and frequency detection, current ratings up to 7.5 A and 3 mounting and connection configurations, including DIN rail mount and "4x4 job box" mount, make this microprocessor based design extremely flexible and economical. Benefits of using SmartFan include acoustical noise reduction, environmental (humidity, temperature, pressure or flow) regulation, greater system reliability, increased fan life, improved safety, and energy savings.

Features include: Controls fan/motor speed based on: 0-20 mA control signal or 0-10 V d.c. control signal or Remote temperature sensors (supplied separately); Remote transducer (humidity, pressure, flow etc.); On board pressure transducer; Power source: 95-250 V a.c., automatically detected; Frequency: 47-64 Hz, automatically detected; Fan On/Fan Off threshold selectable by DIP Switch. AC Motor Type Compatibility: PSC or Shaded-Pole, Automatically detected. Full voltage start pulse: UL recognized to UL508, CSA-C22.2, File E100344. Selectable Options include: Current ratings: 2.5-7.5A (at 40°C still air). Mounting Options: PCB mount, DIN Rail mount, 4x4 electrical job box mount, NEMA 4X case; Connections: Terminal Block, Header, 18 AWG wires; four selectable temperature settings; 10 selectable pressure settings; 64 selectable fixed speed settings; Temperature alarm and lost signal alarm; Accepts up to 3 temperature sensors; Selectable idle speeds and control temperature slope.

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