Multi-Zone Power Controller
February 2004
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The new Max VI multi-zone SCR power controller is said to take up less space than other units with similar ratings, is easy to mount, and increases heater life due to fast cycling. According to the company, it is also an easy replacement for mechanical and mercury contactors. The controller features a combination of isolated bonded-fin heatsinks and fan cooling that reportedly provides better heat dissipation in a smaller space with up to 450 A of control power in a footprint of 14.75- x 9- x 6.5-in deep. The controller bolts easily to a chassis plate, and all-load wiring can dress down one side of the heatsink and control all the wiring down the other, according to the company. It is available with current ratings of 23, 50, and 75 A at 40°C and voltage ratings up to 600 V a.c. Input signals can be 4-32 V d.c. 24-275 V a.c., 24-1,590 V d.c., or 4-20 mA. Other features include self-lifting terminals, an LED status indicator, and a removable IP20 touch protection cover. Electric ovens, resistance heating, replacement of contactors, and mercury relays are some of the suggested applications.


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