Vacuum Process Controller
February 2004
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The new enhanced APC-1 Vacuum Process Controller features a more powerful CPU with more memory. The additional power provides the ability to capture product serial numbers up to nine digits with a complete record of the dehydration process results. The APC-1 has on-board storage for 100 records for download to any PC. The optional serial printer provides written documentation in real time. The APC-1 can be used with any existing vacuum pump, piping, or manifold to automate the process. The keypad and digital display prompt the user to enter a virtually limitless choice of dehydration parameters. The operator choices include desired low absolute pressure setting, vacuum decay test time, maximum allowable absolute pressure, maximum pump time, and vacuum decay test fail counter. The absolute pressure expressed in microns is continually displayed. An audible alarm, indicator light, and PASS/FAIL screen message alert the operator when each product has been processed.

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