Plug-and-Play Sensors
February 2004
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The new INFOSENSE-P™ plug-and-play sensors are said to provide a high level of accuracy and convenience through automatically linking the customer's application to the company's NIST-traceable calibration lab. The product's technology incorporates an EEPROM memory chip, pre-programmed with each sensor's part number, manufacturing information, and full-range temperature calibration. The memory chip reportedly has a direct path into the control or transmitter's microprocessor, automating the process of sensor installation, identification, and entering of calibration data. The sensors utilize IEEE 1451.4 technology, so that when a sensor is wired or connected to IEEE 1451.4-compatible electronics, the controller accesses the information provided and performs a full high-order curve fit to correct errors, according to the company. Utilizing INFOSENSE-P technology reportedly improves initial accuracy of standard thermocouples by three times and the accuracy of RTD sensors by 10 times at 600°C (1,112°F).


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