Combustion Gas Sensor
February 2004
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The company's new CGS 200 is designed to measure combustion gas levels in flue exhaust ducting in domestic forced-air furnaces and sets off an alarm if a potential dangerous state occurs, such as an increase in carbon monoxide or decrease in oxygen concentrations. The gas sensor is reportedly based on proven, patented metal oxide sensing materials that provide stability, resistance to poisoning, and stable performance throughout a wide range of relative humidity conditions. It is also mounted in a PPS housing constructed of a heat-stable and chemically resistant material that is said to allow the sensor to operate for a longer period of time in the furnace. A carbon filter also has been incorporated into the design to remove any volatile organic compounds that may be present in the flue and to prevent poisoning of the sensor and reduce cross sensitivity. The sensor is also said to have embedded intelligence, which is used to store all the sensor's calibration data, eliminating the need to calibrate the sensor when installing it into a furnace.

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