Process Controllers
February 2004
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The company now offers both two-channel and eight-channel programmable process controllers. These E Series controllers are designed for applications requiring digital readout for flow rates, monitoring of tank level, or temperature display, including throttle valves, pump switches, and security situations. The Model E-102 process controller can accept and power two 4 to 20mA signals, while the Model E-108 is able to read eight outputs. Both units can read two-pulse inputs. The two- or eight-relay outputs can be assigned in any combination to either input channel. The relay outputs can be used for alarms, pump control, and/or electric actuator control. The E-102 and E-108 provide the capability to display channels in engineering units with their corresponding bar graphs, which can be independently scaled to engineering units, if required. Both units have an "override" feature that allows them to automatically switch between two process variables as the control input. The programmable relays can be set to vary the pulse width and time between pulses.

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