Thermal Control
February 2004
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The company's first self-hold thermostat for small, motor, transformer, and appliance applications, the PEPI Model J(S) Series Themostat reportedly adds an extra degree of safety by keeping a circuit open after a fault condition until the power source is removed and the unit is allowed to cool. The self-hold functionality is due to an internal heat source that prevents a circuit from closing, providing enhanced level of protection for the product and the consumer, according to the company. The Model J(S) is available for both 120 V a.c. and 240 V a.c. applications. The devices feature a fold-over, low-profile case design that minimizes the amount of space required for installation. The series has been evaluated or certified for use as a recognized component by UL (CUL included), IEC, and VDE. The control is available with nominal calibration temperatures from 60°C to 160°C and may be shipped with any kind of factory-applied insulating lead wires up to 18 gauge.

Portage Electric Products, Inc. (PEPI)

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