Robotic Adhesive Dispensing Equipment
February 2004
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The company's new line of Loctite® Robots for repeated and reliable dispensing of adhesives and sealants onto complex surface configurations is available in both benchtop and selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) models. The robots reportedly improve process efficiencies, reduce production costs, and result in minimal material waste. The robots are available in four models with increasing operating ranges. All models can be ordered in eight different configurations with options, including three or four controllable axes, 110- or 220-V power, and standard or CE certification. Simultaneous control over all axes reportedly provides 3D linear and arc interpolations for complicated dispensing processes. The 200 Series Benchtop Robot has a 200- x 200-mm operating range and a 50-mm vertical axis. The 300 Series Benchtop Robot has a 300- x 320-mm operating range and a 100-mm vertical axis. The operating range of the 400 Series Benchtop Robot is 400 x 400 mm with a 150-mm vertical axis. The only SCARA robot in the line, the multi-jointed S440 Series Robot, reportedly provides maximum flexibility for complex dispensing applications with a kidney-shaped dispensing area in two arm lengths, 180 or 260 mm.

Henkel Loctite Corporation

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