Induction Motor - ID series (5.6 in)
February 2004
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The ID series carries a 140-mm lamination outside diameter, for power up to 1 hp. Its diameter is 143 mm and length can range from 121 to 191 mm, with weights varying from 4,800 to 12,800 g. It permits the operating temperature from -5ºC to 40ºC, and insulation resistance is 1 Mohm at 500 V d.c. The motors in the ID series are a kind of frequency-dependent motors. The respective power consumption is between 125 and 895 W. Under the condition of 60 Hz, the speed ranges from 800 to 3,200 rpm; while under the condition of 50 Hz, the speed ranges from 660 to 2,700 rpm, given that the number of poles a motor has makes a difference. This series targets those applications with higher power, lower noise level. and longer life requirement, such as garage door openers, pumps, white goods, condensers, etc.

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