February 2004
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The new family of PIC Microcontrollers (MCUs) from the company is said to answer the growing demand for more reliable, quiet, energy-efficient, and fail-safe operation in sophisticated motor control systems. The 8-bit Flash microcontrollers are said to contain new advanced motor control peripherals. The company's 40-pin PIC18F4331/4431 and 28-pin PIC18F2331/2431 MCUs reportedly provide a complete solution for precise and energy-efficient operation in sophisticated motor control applications through advanced analog and digital feedback and the three-phase Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control system. The PIC18Fxx31 family has three modules designed specifically for advanced motion and power control applications - a power-control module with a three-phase PWM structure; a motion feedback module with a quadrature encoder interface; and a module that consists of a high-speed Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), which operates at 200 kps and can be synchronized with PWM. According to the company, the modules eliminate the need for any external motor control components, such as a high-speed converter and resonator.

Microchip Technologies

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