Digital Temperature Controller
February 2004
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The company's new Model 2679 Digital Temperature Controller contains microprocessor-based technology and features a wide temperature adjustment and control range for precise cooling or heating management and displays measurement in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, according to the company. The controller's microprocessor-based technology allows reprogramming of onboard circuitry in order to meet requirements in a variety of applications. The device is said to have a temperature control range of 20°F to 220°F, which is accurate to ±1°F, with heating or cooling user selected by jumpers. The controller is said to provide a high degree of flexibility with a choice of factory-fixed or user-selectable input voltages. Pre-set factory voltages of 115/230 V a.c., 50/60 Hz allow users to select from either voltage. Non-adjustable factory settings may also be specified for input voltages of 115 V a.c., 208 V a.c., 208 V a.c., or 12-14 V a.c./V d.c., 50/60 Hz. The controller is used in conjunction with the company's Model 3203 Temperature Probe, which senses the temperature and transmits the information back to the controller for adjustment.

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