Twin-Centrifugal Blower Units for Refrigeration
February 2004
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High-quality, twin-centrifugal blower units, termed FanCoils by ebm-papst, are said to be increasing in demand for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. According to the company, their attractive pricing and high power spectrum make the blowers an appealing alternative to conventional centrifugal blowers. Typical applications include air-conditioning units, heat convectors, and hot/cold air curtains.

In response to this demand, the company has developed a custom product: a 146-mm unit available as a FanCoil or as a conventional, dual-inlet centrifugal blower. Maximum air volumes attainable by this unit are up to 1.180 m3/h.

Because both blowers are driven by one motor via one shaft, it is said that a substantial reduction in investment and energy costs is realized. Long service life is attributed to the ball bearing system used in the 68-motor. The aerodynamically-optimized blower housing and impeller, motor suspension with integrated anti-vibration mount, and balancing of the blower as an entire unit is said to assure low-noise operation. The one-phase a.c. external-rotor motor design features five speeds that can be customized to various applications.

With standard FanCoils, the forward-curved blowers as supporting elements must be mounted onto a mounting sheet (drip pan), which can cause problems in custom applications. In contrast to this, the company's solution with its self-contained design makes the unit suitable for use in the most diverse mounting configurations, offering new flexibility for custom applications. Various flange and nozzle designs for all types of drip pans are available, making the unit compatible with existing systems. A robust mechanical design, optimized by FEM calculations, provides the required stability.

The compact build of the unit requires substantially less space than conventional systems, and because it is pre-wired and ready to use, the unit is said to eliminate potential installation mistakes. The required capacitor is integrated in the terminal box, and the unit can be fitted with post-assembly contacts with the included plug connection. Connection leads can be installed before the unit is mounted.

Available in VDE and EN standard designs, the unit can be manufactured with UL-approved plastic material of inflammability class VO as well as in a UL-approved motor system. A matching conventional centrifugal blower is also available. This blower has the same build with identical mounting dimensions and an external-rotor motor with integrated anti-vibration mount, reportedly providing an optimal cost-performance ratio.


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