January 2004
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Araldite 2026 is a two-component, transparent polyurethane adhesive that features a 5-min work life and develops handling strength in 1 hr. The adhesive reportedly exhibits good lap shear strength, even at cold temperatures, making the polyurethane ideal for use on refrigerated vending machine doors. (At 32°F/0°C, the lap shear strength is 3,325 psi, and at -4°F/-20°C, the strength is 2,600 psi.) In addition, the polyurethane maintains its bond strength when exposed to water and other fluids. It is also flexible with an elongation of 50 percent and roller peel strength of 45 pli. The high-performance adhesive is specially formulated for bonding engineering thermoplastics, including ABS, PVC, and PC, as well as metal and glass.

Huntsman Advanced Materials

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