January 2004
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New Talisman is a thermoplastic coating that is said to provide outstanding performance in the field of dishwasher baskets, freezer shelves, and glass washer baskets. It provides protection for the metal in these environments and meets the performance at a lower cost than traditional alternatives, according to the company. The coating is also said to show some distinct performance benefits as compared to its nylon counterpart. The benefits have been demonstrated in both extensive field and laboratory tests. For example, after 4 months at 130°F, New Talisman showed no degradation or yellowing. However, lab tests show that its nylon equivalent began yellowing after a 72-hr period, according to the company. In salt-spray tests, after 500 hours on damaged plates, New Talisman reportedly lost only a few millimeters of adhesion, but the nylon's adhesion had been completely lost.

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