January 2004
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The company has added new probes to its existing line of negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors. The probes, identified as the 10JH and 11JH series, are designed for use in packaged terminal air-conditioning (PTAC) units. By eliminating the additional mounting bracket that competing PTAC probes feature, the patent-pending 10JH design reportedly corrects airflow problems caused by previous industry designs. The company's 10JH probe and mounting bracket are manufactured in one piece, making installation of the components in PTAC units less complex. Previously, the probes clipped directly to the coil ends and were either fast-responding with low reliability, or slow-responding with high reliability. The 11JH tube mount clip probe is said to combine the reliability of over-molded probes such as the 10JH with fast response. The resulting airflow improvement reportedly allows the thermistor to take more accurate ambient air temperature measurements than was previously possible, increasing the probe's reliability and making the PTAC unit more efficient.


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