Engineered Materials
January 2004
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MSC Engineered Materials and Solutions Group offers two brochures on its electronic/electrical and consumer/industrial products. In these brochures, a variety of engineered material solutions are presented for design engineers in various markets. The solutions comprise coated, painted, laminated, and other metallic substrates used to reduce noise/vibration, enhance appearance, improve end product functionality, and more. Highlighted are some of the company's proprietary products, including Sound Trap™, NRG Damp™, Magna Damp™, Specular®, and Thermalcore®, as well as pre-painted coil, fingerprint coatings, anti-microbial coatings, and decorative laminates. The materials can be used in several applications, including home appliances, HVAC equipment, consumer electronics, power tools, and office equipment.

MSC Engineered Materials and Solutions Group

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