January 2004
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The company's variable-speed, brushless blower NC29 IntelliGen Blower Series is said to be the next step up in air performance. The new blower series operates off a.c. line voltages of 120 V or 240 V single-phase. It also has maximum sealed pressure capabilities of up to 22.4 mBar in water and a maximum wide-open flow of 195.9 L/sec. The blower's option cards work with the blower's DSP to provide the user with extended feedback and response data from the blower/motor operation. For example, one base model can be programmed to maintain a constant pressure during a wide range of flow or accurately maintain a ratio of specific speed/output pressure to the user's speed command input signal (nominal 0-10VDC), according to the company.

AMETEK Rotron/Rotary Dynamics Ltd.

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