Resin Coating Technology
January 2004
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The company's Imagio™ resin-plus-coating technology solution provides customers with a wide range of colors and soft-feel effect options for next-generation plastic product designs. Part of the Fantasia™ colors and special effects initiative for resins, the coatings technology includes the company's line of engineering thermoplastics and specially formulated coatings. The coatings are spray-applied to resins using a standard two-step process, or a three-step process for some special effects, which includes the application of pigmented base coat(s) and a clear coat finish. This process is said to help diminish the visual impact of possible defects that could occur during part molding, thus reducing part reject rates. Introduced to the market in late 2002, Fantasia serves as a one-stop solution for color and special effects for the industry, according to the company. To meet customers' wide range of design, processing, and cost parameters, the Fantasia resin effects initiative includes five separate technologies and more than 100 different visual and tactile effects.

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