Valve Connections
January 2004
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The company's bi metal valve connections not only require much less heat during brazing, but also retain brazing heat in the connection, rather than conducting it to the valve body and power element where it can cause hidden damage, according to the company. First offered on the TU series of smaller stainless steel expansion valves, the company now makes bi metal connections available on larger brass-bodied valves for air-conditioning applications and on a range of solenoid valves. For commercial refrigeration and smaller air-conditioning applications, the company offers bi metal connections on TU and TC stainless steel precision port thermostatic expansion valves and on the EVU series of compact solenoid valves. TU and TC expansion valves are used with all common refrigerants and are available with capacities from 0.17 to 7.5 TR (R22). Type EVU solenoid valves cover liquid capacities from 1.2 to 5.07 TR (R22) with the same refrigerants and are also rated for suction vapor and hot gas. A variety of appropriate connection sizes are offered on the valves.

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