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January 2004
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The company's 3MP motor protector/thermal cut out features a traditional Snap-action Klixom® bimetal disc, which works in combination with a current sensitive nickel heater. The design concept is said to permit users to move the motor protector location outside the winding, even in the coil-winding terminal connection box, providing the motor manufacturer with

extra flexibility during the manufacturing process. In some cases, this results in a significant reduction of the labor content in the stator coil-winding manufacturing process, the company says.

The 3MP motor protector can be used for variety of applications such as washing machine universal motors, dryers, drain pumps, vacuum cleaners, and industrial pumps motors. It is approved according to ENEC, BEAB, UL, and CSA and is available in a wide range of customized terminations in order to facilitate the migration of the motor protection from IN winding to OFF winding.

Texas Instruments

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