Hall 13, Booth H019

January 2004
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The company will exhibit its range of thermoplastic coating powders for the coating of refrigerator shelves, dishwasher baskets, freezer shelves, and air-conditioning grills. It will also be launching its new Talisman powder for the coating of wire dishwasher baskets. According to the company, the Talisman 10 is a unique polyolefin alloy that has been designed to offer an attractive, self-adhesive, stain-resistant, and non-yellowing coating. It has reportedly been used successfully on many baskets around the world over a number of years and has been shown to offer very significant cost savings over more traditional polyamide (nylon) coating powders. The company also says its Plascoat NG30 polyethylene powder has become the major worldwide product for the coating of refrigerator shelves, offering faster throughputs, lower thickness, and lower processing temperatures compared to alternative polyethylene coating systems.


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