Micropower Omnipolar Digital Hall-Effect Switches
February 2004
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Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. introduced a new family of micropower omnipolar digital switches consisting of ultra-sensitive, pole-independent Hall-effect switches with a latched digital output.

The A3213 and the A3214 have nominal current consumption of only 300 mA and 5 mA respectively, and the devices are available for operation from battery voltages of 2.4-5.5 V, said to be ideal for use in almost all handheld portable electronic equipment. Other features include chopper-stabilized, high-sensitivity thresholds, superior temperature stability, low switch-point drift, and insensitivity to physical stresses.

The company's popular A3212 (designed for 2.5-3.5 V operation) is now available in a new ultra-slim micro lead-frame MLP package (suffix EH). The height of this package is only 0.75mm, with a length of 2mm and width of 3mm.

The new low-power omnipolar parts incorporate a unique clocking scheme designed to reduce the average operating power requirements, suiting them for the detection of open/closed positions in battery-operated equipment such as mobile telephones, pagers, and laptop computers. The patented omnipolar feature simplifies application assembly by allowing the device to detect the presence or absence of a magnetic field irrespective of the magnet's polarity.

All three devices are offered in a single-inline (suffix UA) package, and the SOT23W surface-mount package (suffix LH). The A3212 is also offered in a micro lead-frame package (suffix EH).

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

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