Lead-Free Electrical Cord and Wire Products
January 2004
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The company has introduced a new lead-free line of environmentally friendly products. Branded GreenSpec, the new line of no-lead PVC compounds are used in a newly developed no-lead manufacturing process, specifically designed for electrical cord and wire applications.

According to the company, using a no-lead compound does not always guarantee a no-lead product because of the contamination that can occur during manufacturing processes that are not exclusively no-lead. The only way to guarantee no-lead products, the company says, is to use no-lead compounds in combination with lead-free manufacturing practices and environments, such as those offered by the company.

The lead-free products have reportedly been independently tested and certified, confirming that they meet or exceed the requirements set out by the U.S. State of California's Proposition 65 Consent Judgment, which stipulates that cords sold and distributed within California have less than 300-ppm lead content. The products are also said to match the performance and appearance of equivalent leaded PVC products.

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