Axial Fans
January 2004
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The company offers its Epsilon axial fans for use in cooling units, heat pumps, condensers, evaporators, and other systems requiring high performance and low noise. The fans are said to feature impellers from 13.79- to nearly 40-in diam. Their sickle-shaped blades reportedly combine low-noise characteristics and high performance. Blades are built out of sheet steel, steel aluminum, or cast aluminum, depending on their size. Additionally, the fans are said to provide up to a maximum of nearly 7,000 CFM of cooling. Their external rotor motors are 100-percent speed controllable and operate at protection class IP54 with one, two, or three speeds in single-phase or three-phase a.c. Lubricated bearings in the fan motors are temperature rated from -30°C to 70°C (-86°F to 158°F).

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