Digital Control ICs and Power Modules
January 2004
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The company's IRMCK201 and the IRMCK203 digital control ICs work in concert with the IRAMS10UP60A and IRAMX16UP60A integrated power modules to simplify motor drive programming and to enhance electronic variable-speed motor performance at the same time.

The new iMOTIONā„¢ ICs are said to simplify control algorithm development and variable-speed control and power circuits for different types of permanent magnet or a.c. induction motors and their position feedback devices used in the appliance, industrial, and automation industries such as dental drills, semiconductor wafer-handling equipment, pick-and-place machines, and other precision motion control applications.

Unlike traditional motor drive controls that rely on complex digital signal processors (DSP) or microprocessor control units (MCUs), the IRMCK201 and IRMCK203 contain a Motion Control Engineā„¢ (MCE), which reportedly eliminates software programming. According to the company, motion control products made with the new ICs can be brought to market faster, since commands are simplified to menu-driven selections.

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