The Hoover Company's SidewinderÂȘ Hand-Held Cleaner
August 2003
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The Hoover Company's new SidewinderÂȘ hand-held cleaner has a swivel nozzle that turns 90 degrees and locks into place. With two positions from which to choose, the company says that the Sidewinder user has more ways to get the dirt that hides in hard-to-reach places.

The unit's slender body reportedly allows the user to vacuum around, under, and between objects with ease. For instance, turning the appliance's nozzle 90 degrees permits a natural horizontal sweeping action for cleaning stairs. The company says that the swivel nozzle is an outgrowth of consumer research that indicted that corded hand-held models with fixed nozzles are limited in their ability to reach dirt in tight quarters, such as around and under furniture. A powered brush roll inside the nozzle spins in either nozzle position and is said to be effective at lifting dirt that has collected at the base of the carpet fibers. The cleaner also features a quick-release, see-through E-Z Empty dirt cup that means that there are no disposable bags to purchase. The user simply unlatches the cup, removes the reusable filter, empties the cup, and clicks it back into place. Other features include a 20-ft power cord, fingertip on/off switch, and a handgrip.

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