Eureka's Toolbox Vac
August 2003
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Eureka's Toolbox Vac is reportedly the first toolbox designed with a built-in vacuum, plus power blower and auxiliary power plug port.

Built around a high-performance, 6-A motor, the appliance features a vacuum and blower port unit built into a two-tiered toolbox constructed of heavy-duty PVC. Inside, a 5-ft hose along with attachments, including a crevice wand and an adjusting/upholstery brush, tuck into the lid. A washable cloth vacuum bag assists in cleanup.

In addition to all the vacuuming essentials, the Vac also houses a variety of gadgets. A 110-V auxiliary power outlet keeps on-the-job tools, from electric sanders to saws, charged and ready for action. There's also a tool tray for storing hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools. Beneath the tray is space for toting and storing power tools and materials.

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