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January 2004
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Trumpf Inc. will exhibit its line of portable power tools. The highlight of the company's product line will be its F301 Trumpf Pittsburgh seam locker and C 160-2 slitting shears. In an automatic and silent rolling operation, the F301 seam locker closes Pittsburgh lock seams, which are said to be ideal for straight or curved metal parts with preformed edges. According to the company, the tool locks straight and curved seams without damaging the surfaces. Rolling, clamping, and automatic feed operation reportedly guarantee consistently accurate and high-quality locked seams. The C160-2 slitting shears cut quickly, without material loss, and have a capacity of 16-gauge steel. The tool has a pin quick lock that reportedly enables fast blade change. The tool also lets one easily change direction while working. It can be pulled out of the sheet and repositioned.


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