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January 2004
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Selco Products Company introduced the new TL Series Thermostats, featuring a wide temperature control range. The new thermostats are factory calibrated to user specifications with either fixed or adjustable settings. Broad temperature range capabilities reportedly make the new series ideally suited for heating control in a variety of applications such as commercial and industrial heating devices.

The thermostats are available in three models and offer an operating temperature range from room temperature to 518°F (Model TL05) and creep action contacts for opening. Models TL01 and TL02 feature snap-action contacts. The new bi-metal thermostats can be ordered with either set screw or adjustment shaft, and are mounted using a simple screw in a 4.2-mm hole for easy drop-in installation or replacement. Rated at 100,000 cycles, input voltage is 150 V a.c., 10 A, resistive.

Selco Products Company

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