Precision Engineered Systems
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January 2004
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The company's CB Lite TM brazing machine is said to be perfect for small production runs, R&D projects, and job shops. It has a repeatable, simple timer setup to control heat, air, and water cycle times. It is said to be easy to re-tool and re-torch for quick application changeover. Designed for use with rings, preforms, or the company's optional manual wirefeeder, it reportedly is small, lightweight, easily movable, and easy to operate and service.

According to the company, the unit will oscillate the torches across the joint and/or rotate the part for uniform heating, reducing labor and alloy costs while improving cosmetics and joint strength. The operator simply loads a part and pushes a button. All of the timers are preset, and the part is brazed exactly the same way every time. To change parts, the user simply resets the timers, drops in a new fixture, and replaces the manifold.

The company also offers a line of fully automatic and semi-automatic systems designed to braze a variety of parts made from copper, brass, steel, and aluminum. The line of equipment ranges from low-volume, single-station work cells designed for multiple parts with quick-change tooling and manifolds to dedicate, high-volume, multi-station machines.

Precision Engineered Systems

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