AKH Inc.
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January 2004
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AKH Inc.'s Painted FAS-NER® reportedly allows the user to insert directly into pre-painted metal. The FAS-NER® color is matched to the color of a painted assembly, allowing for the elimination of post-paint operations. The company's system allows for fastening directly into pre-painted material.

The company's FAS-NER SYSTEM® reportedly eliminates the need for spot welding and riveting with a self-piercing FAS-NER®. The system is a simple punch and die operation, which automatically feeds, punches, inserts, and locks the self-piercing FAS-NER® to produce a solid joint in one high-cycle operation. The FAS-NER® joins similar or dissimilar metals and thicknesses. Systems range from a single hit machine to a completely automated turnkey system, including insertion into main production lines with the assistance of machine integrators.

AKH Inc.

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